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Vice Mayor Munro Addresses the Community

December 17, 2020


Dear Livermore,


Given the current community discussion about the police and public safety, I wanted to share my beliefs.

  1. I support people who choose to serve the public. Good government begins with well-trained, competent, and dedicated staff. They deserve our support.
  2. The police department has my support. They deal with unpredictable situations that can lead to injury or death. They work to bring truly bad actors to justice. They work with our vulnerable populations in a very caring way.
  3. I support ongoing evaluation for continuous improvement. As a community, we assign responsibility for enforcing laws to the police. I believe both internal and external evaluation are part of striving for excellence as the police shoulder those responsibilities.
  4. I refuse to make the police scapegoats for greater societal issues. As public servants, the police enforce the laws we all make. When we scapegoat them, I believe we duck our own responsibility for addressing community-wide issues.
  5. Important symbols can have different meanings to different people. It is my responsibility to understand all perspectives, regardless of my own opinions.
  6. I take my responsibility to uphold freedom of speech and thought very seriously. Freedom of speech means anyone can fly a flag. Freedom of thought means that others can like that flag or not.

You are free to agree or disagree with the above. But know that these are my beliefs. Thank you for your time.



Trish Munro

Vice Mayor


( Vice Mayor Munro's December 17 Letter to the Community )