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Flush Water Lines before Reopening Business

Livermore businesses that have been closed during the shelter in place order are urged to flush their building’s water lines before reopening. Flushing the plumbing system before reopening is critical because when water remains stagnant in pipes for too long, it can become cloudy, have an unpleasant taste or odor, or even become unsafe to drink. Flushing the water lines will replace all the water inside of the building’s pipes with fresh water.

Here are the basic steps for how to flush water lines:

  1. Drain the water heater if the manufacturer recommends this after a long period of disuse and make sure the temperature is set to at least 140 degrees.
  2. Run every cold tap in the building for 10 - 30 minutes until the water begins to run colder than before (fresh water from the water main will feel cooler than water that has been in the building’s plumbing system). Next, run the hot water at every tap in the building until it reaches its maximum temperature. It is important to flush the cold-water lines before the hot-water lines.
  3. Flush or maintain all other appliances with a water connection such as toilets, drinking fountains, coffee makers, ice machines, fountains, hot tubs, spas, and safety equipment such as eyewash stations and safety showers.

The steps above are meant to be a starting point for ensuring quality drinking water. Since every building is different, all Livermore business owners and property managers are encouraged to read the following guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and American Water Works Association (AWWA) to make sure all stagnant water has been removed from their building:

If you have any questions about how to ensure your business’s water quality, please do not hesitate to contact your water service provider - either Livermore Municipal Water at (925) 960-8100 or Cal Water at (925) 447-4900.

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