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MORE eBOOKS - enki California Digital Library

In response to COVID-19 and library closures, Califa, in partnership with Bibliolabs, has made the enki California Digital Library available to every person in California - no library card required. This collection uses geolocation to provide access to anyone physically located in the state of California.  

The library includes several thousand simultaneous use ebooks from leading publishers as well as the Indie Author Project Select collection, which features over 400 award-winning indie-published ebooks, some of which are here in California. 

CA Indie Authors

Unity in Diversity

Books for Early Readers

Storytime for Little Listeners

Travel the World from your Livingroom

Top YA Picks

Be Your Own Superhero

Stories about People Who Changed the World

Sci Fi & Fantasy

Let’s Get Cooking

LGBT Fiction

Inspired by Comic Strips

Books for a Healthier You

Books for Dummies

and more

Visit to start reading.