Commercial Cannabis in Livermore

The City of Livermore prohibits all commercial cannabis activities with a limited exception for the delivery of medicinal cannabis from a properly licensed dispensary outside Livermore to qualified patients and primary caregivers in Livermore.

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Storm Preparedness

Visit the Public Works Storm Preparedness page to learn more about City storm preparedness, find important information, and what you can do to be storm ready.

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Resolve to be Resilient!

The recent wildfires in northern and southern California are the latest reminders that disasters and emergencies do happen, sometime when and where you least expect it. Communities have focused on preparedness…like storing water and having a “go bag”; however, resiliency is another important aspect when a disaster strikes. How soon and successfully could your family and/or business “bounce back” after a disaster? In 2018 watch for posts that highlight what the City is already doing and what you, as a partner, can do to revive Livermore’s wonderful quality-of-life following a disaster. In 2018, Resolve to be Resilient!

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