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Business Resources

Livermore continuously looks for ways to support and empower Livermore businesses and those who are considering doing business in Livermore.  For business information and questions, please feel free to contact us.

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    Advance Team Meetings

    The Advance Team Meeting format was developed in late 2004 to address two key issues:  How do we provide developers with a comprehensive and fully coordinated pre-application venue that provides the highest level of service?  And how do we record and disseminate meeting information to be of such value that a personalized and reliable development road map has been established?

    To address the first issue, Advance Teams are comprised of planners, civil and traffic engineers, water resources and source control supervisors, Fire Marshal, economic development coordinator, and Permit Center staff.  Members work together to provide an expert level of process information, problem solving, and follow up.  This is accomplished through early review of Fact Sheet and project packets which allow a proactive response to project from back-of-napkin to fully developed proposals. 

    To ensure the highest level of meeting recordation and information dissemination, Advance Team meetings utilize a facilited workshop format.  This allows for a greater level of two-way communications, detailed discussions, and understanding.  Completed meeting notes are reviewed by staff and ultimately recorded as the Final Letter.  The Final Letter and attendance roster are forwarded to all attendees for later use and communications.

    To see if your project qualifies for an Advance Team meeting and to schedule one, please contact Brent Smith, City of Livermore Building Official at 925-960-4414 or via email at