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Permit Applications and Forms

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 Building Permits  Planning and Encroachment
 Construction Permit Application General  Planning General Application
Construction Permit Application Reroof  Encroachment Permit Application
 Construction Permits By Fax Package General  Appeal
Construction Permits by Fax Package Reroof   Banner Permit Application
 Demolition Permit Application   Block Party
Fire Systems Application  Certificate of Appropriateness Application
Report of Residential Building Record (City Report)  Environmental Assessment Application
Revision and Deferred Submittal Application  General Plan Amendment Application
Temporary Electric and Gas Connection Application   Historic Preservation Committe
Other Forms  Home Occupation Permit Application
Address Assignment Application  Home Occupation Permit Application for Cottage Food Operation
Agent Authorization Form - Requires Signed Owner Builder Declaration Large Family Day Care Application
 Owner Builder Declaration  Outdoor Dining-Display Application 
Alternate for Materials, Design, Tests and Methods of Construction Request Form  Temporary Sign Application
 Credit Card Payment Form Temporary Use Permits (Includes General Application) 
 Declaration Page Water Efficient Landscape Design Review Intake Form
Impervious Surface & Stormwater Treatment Worksheet  Water Efficient Landscape Installation Certificate
 Overtime Inspection Request Form  
 Permit Cancellation Request  
 Plans Reproduction Request Form  
 Recycled Water Permit Application  
 Tenant Information Form