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Douglas Alessio
Administrative Services Director

Bhavna Chaudhary
Finance Manager

David Doyle
Accounting Supervisor - General Accounting

Ann Furtado
Accounting Supervisor - Utility Billing, Business License

Erik Peterson
Accounting Supervisor - Accounts Payable, Payroll, Purchasing

Contact Information
1052 South Livermore Avenue
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 960-4300
(925) 960-4104 TDD

Office Hours
Monday to Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Closed on Holidays

The primary purpose of the Finance Department is to monitor and report on the financial position of the City of Livermore and to provide an excellent level of service to our public customers and customers in other City Departments.

How We Provide Services

The Livermore Finance Department provides the following services at the City Hall public counter for the convenience of our citizens: Issuance of business licenses and dog licenses, receipt of water bill payments, sale of Wheels bus tickets, and collection of various billings or assessments such as sidewalk repairs. Other public services provided include responding to telephone requests for information on assessment districts, water and sewer billings, transient occupancy tax compliance, business license, and dog license.

The Finance Department provides for issuance of new tax exempt debt, as well as on going administration of existing obligations. We assist the City Manager's office in the administration of the budget by reviewing and analyzing the City's financial condition and reporting on major revenue sources. The Department also provides for annual completion of the independent audit and filing of required reports with the State Controller's Office. Major publications of the Finance Department are the Two-Year Budget and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

The Finance Department provides oversight for certain non-departmental general government contract services such as collection bureau, audit fees, tax roll collections by Alameda County, mandated costs claiming, and banking services.